Christian Springub

First business at the age of 12 buying and reselling kinder surprise collectible toys at flea markets. Co-Founder of Jimdo. Now Dance.

What I'm interested in

  • Startups that combine tech with something from the real world
  • 10x vs 10% approaches
  • Purpose Companies
  • Quality of urban living from mobility to housing. car-free living.
  • renewable energy, energy storage and electric mobility
  • Modern Food Production

Other Companies I work with

Resourcify - Circularity, as a service. Investor and Advisor.

Skyflow - drone logistics. Investor.

Teero - Dental staffing made simple. Investor.

Fietze - Bike repair service, the start of the journey to Dance.
Bug Brothers - Poultry & Pet insect feed manufacturer. Investor.
Greenloop - Salad growing machine